Shipping information(배송정보)



Shipping information


If you purchase Korean shipping products, we will ship them quickly by using the flight.
Delivery period :Korea 5-10day
The delivery charge :Ten dollars per kilogram 
Restriction of the quantity of goods by customs law
Order 1 per order Six healthy foods, one bottle of wine, one blanket of wool,  two wool boots,
5 kilograms of beef, 5 kg of salmon

Customs clearance information
We need a resident registration number for customs clearance.
Please write the Korean address, resident registration number and contact number in Memoran in order to place your order. customs and VAT may be imposed upon purchase of more than 200,000 won.

Delivery procedure
Customer order
Preparation of goods
Local delivery
International shipping
Domestic customs clearance
Domestic delivery
Customer receipt
Order date
Three or five days




문의 전화번호 뉴질랜드 현지 직통: 070-4801-6193
(A telephone call) 이메일(Email):
고객센터 운영 시간 상담시간(한국 시간 기준)
(Customer center operation hours) 전화 09:00-17:00